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Finding the Appropriate Reading Program for Special Education Needs

Many children have difficulty learning to read for a variety of different reasons.  Dyslexia and other learning disabilities can make traditional curriculums difficult for the child to comprehend, rendering them minimally effective at best.  This does not mean that these children are any less intelligent that their peers; they often simply utilize a different process with which they absorb information.  If you’re wondering how to help a child that’s having difficulty learning to read, the answer lies in finding the appropriate reading program for special education needs.

Simple Phonics Based Reading Program:

Finding the appropriate program for a particular child sounds like a simple enough task, doesn’t it?  After all, there are special education programs offered at school and sometimes even in the community.  But the phrase “special education” is frequently used as a blanket terminology for these types of programs, and because of this there are many parents who do not realize that it takes a vast array of different techniques and specialized curricula to adequately address the needs of children who are experiencing difficulties with literacy.

The necessity of all these different types of programs is based in the fact that there is no single reason that children have a hard time learning to read.  There are many, many factors that can cause this issue, and therefore there are many solutions, each one designed to address and overcome a particular set of circumstances.

So how do you know which program is the right one for your child?  It starts with learning the reason your child is experiencing these difficulties in the first place.  In some cases the cause may be obvious and easily remedied through treatment of a certain condition; take ADHD for example.  Dyslexia is another common learning disorder that can be overcome through targeted special education, once the condition has been properly diagnosed.  In other cases a child may experience difficulty learning to read due to more complex issues, and these can also be addressed effectively through the right reading program, but the proper program can only be determined once the reasons for the child’s difficulties is known.

Finding the right reading program for the needs of your child might seem like a gigantic, overwhelming task at first.  But talk to your child’s teacher to gain some insight on your child’s issues from an educator’s perspective.  This person can provide resources for you to pursue, giving your child the best chance to overcome any type of learning difficulties.